Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Myles Bryan Birth Story

I suppose after a longer-than-a-year break from this blog, I would give a little update on our lives now. My last blog I wrote was very therapeutic in helping me to accept the fact that I needed to trust God in his timing of when or if we would have another child. I think I had to write that in order to actually believe it, and what I wrote down is exactly what I was supposed to learn. I believe that wholeheartedly, because within a matter of weeks God answered our two year prayer and blessed me with my second pregnancy.

Although our prayers were answered, and we were overjoyed to learn that Levi would finally get to be a big brother, this pregnancy didn't pass by quite as easily as it did with Levi. We had multiple ultrasounds and "rechecks" because different things kept coming up as "normal, yet 'high normal.'" All of these ultrasounds seemed to come with a waiting game. They put different things in my head about what could be wrong with my child, so anytime an appointment came up, the worry set in. All eventually turned out normal each time, thankfully.

Fast-forward to delivery day: I woke up around 4 AM with the exact same "labor symptoms" that I had had when I went into labor with Levi. The contractions became a little more painful, but were still not regular enough for me to want to go to the hospital yet. I woke Curan up about 8 AM and let him know what was going on, but told him we didn't need to go yet. We spent the morning hanging out with Levi, making sure the bags were packed and the house was clean. We went to the coffee shop that we frequent. While at the coffee shop, I was having to breathe through the contractions, but they still weren't 5 minutes apart. We went back home and thought that we might either take a trip to Hobby Lobby (we were in search of a lamp ;) ) or head to visit a friend who had just had surgery (we did neither). While on the phone with our good friend, Rena, I finally decided it was probably time we head to the hospital, just to see what they would say (this was around 5 or 6pm). They Admitted me and checked me. I had had an appointment the day before, and they had told me that I was 3 almost 4 cm dilated, so they didn't seem to think it would be too long until D-day. Well I was still 3 almost 4 cm, so unless I progressed within two hours, they were going to send me on home because I wasn't 39 weeks yet. They came back 2 hours later and I was at a 6, so a baby was coming! They started me on my antibiotic (I was group b strep positive) and told me that they wanted me to get the full dose in before delivery, so they would come back to check in 4 hours. I got the epidural. All was well. They had to pump me a few more times with the epidural medicine, but overall my epidural went much smoother than the one I had with Levi (besides the couple of times my blood pressure dropped....I guess I was a little TOO relaxed lol). When they came back to check me after the 4 hours, I was at a 10 and they could feel his head. They set everything up for me to push and 6 minutes later, at 1:23 AM tiny Myles Bryan arrived :) 

He was breathing rapidly, they said because of how quickly he came out, so they laid him on my chest, but had to take him away to monitor him. I wasn't able to hold him again until around 8AM. He was perfect and a perfect addition to our family. 

We had so many friends and family help us out during that time, and for that we are so grateful. It was a beautiful day, one I will never forget. 

I plan on writing another post soon about all that God has taught me through this child, because he's been working on me since the moment we've wanted him. There's so much to say about that, that I believe it deserves its own post :) 

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