Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our Newest Adventures

These past two months have been a wild ride for our family. We have successfully packed up our belongings, loaded them onto a truck, and driven them another 11 hours away. We also were able to take a crazy exhausting, but fun family trip to Disney with my parents, Kristi and Mike, and my little brother Nat. We visited Magic Kindom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Sea World in a week! Talk about tiring for a two year old, but we made memories that will last.

We also were able to visit NC for a few weeks (Levi and I) while Curan took all of our things to our new house in IL. He so sweetly unloaded the car, and got things mostly settled for us while we were visiting. 

We definitely miss NC still, but we are very much enjoying our new life we are starting here in IL. The people in the Midwest are very friendly, and have welcomed us so far. We have found a church that we will probably be joining in the next couple of weeks. Our neighborhood is adorable, and everything is close by. We love it! If you would want to pray for us though, please pray we get an offer soon on our house in NC. It is a huge financial burden right now, and we would love to be able to put the money that we have invested into that home, into our new home.

Well, thats all for an update, stay tuned for a more insightful (hopefully) post :)


  1. So glad you guys are enjoying your new home! Prayers for selling your old house.

    1. Thank you Beth! How is your pregnancy coming along?