Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mississippi Bound

I know, it's been a while. The last few months have been very life-changing for our little family. Curan has successfully completed Officer Training School giving him probably the biggest promotion he will receive, we no longer live in our home we put so much TLC into and it is now being rented out to strangers (hey, we're landlords!), and we packed up all of our belongings and moved 12 hours away from friends and family...our first big military move. This move will undoubtedly be the hardest one that we will have to make, especially since we will be here for such a short period of time, and where we will be more permanently is still pending. 

So far, Biloxi is interesting, but I try to focus on the positives, and the fact that the negatives are only negatives for a few months. We are renting a two bedroom condo off of base that has a pool right in front of our balcony. We enjoy our balcony, and it gives Levi lots of room to run around and play on his little slide. We came to Mississippi in the months following the sweltering heat, so that is one advantage for us. We live within walking distance to the beach...which is more "lake-like" than what those in NC think of when they think of beaches. They are still pretty to look at while driving or walking by. We seem to have found a church we are interested in attending while we are here and are excited to try to get involved. 

Levi has adjusted well, even through the train that comes by and shakes the condo about 4-5 times a day/night. I know he misses his family and little nursery friends, but he has gotten a chance to play with a few other babies in the church nursery and the random times we go on base and play on the playground. He has developed a little bit of a shyness towards strangers though since we have been here. He got a chance to see Sesame Street Live which he enjoyed, but didn't understand why he couldn't run around and dance like all of the other kids :). I let him down once and he darted off, so back into the baby carrier he went. Poor kid. His vocabulary is starting to grow and he seems to be quite the chatterbox these days. Our favorite word he says is "bye" because of the thick southern accent that comes with it and the expression that he puts into the word. It melts our hearts :) He seemingly has a favorite book that he likes me to read over and over again, which is cute and annoying all at the same time lol.

Curan's Parade
Just after pinning his gold 2nd Lieutenant bars 

Packing our belongings

Levi saying goodbye to his best friend

Levi playing on the pier on base

In awe of Gods beauty

Sesame Street Live!

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  1. Ah...I remember well the days of reading the same book over and over and over again! Sweet memories. There are several books my husband and I can still repeat word for word!

    Enjoy your stay in Biloxi!